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About Us

My name is David and I’ve been a professional appliance salesperson for over 15 years.  My clientele includes CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, New York Times Best selling authors, United States senator, and the best architects, designers and custom builders in the industry.

I have sold all the major brand name appliances from Hotpoint to Sub Zero, Wolf, and Miele.  I am an expert in all these brands and help my customers find what best suits THEIR NEEDS – not mine!

However, over the years I have become more forthright in my advice.  In the 15 plus years I’ve been in the appliance industry, I have seen a trend with some manufacturers that is disappointing.  Manufacturers have been pressured by market demands to offer products at such competitive prices that quality has slipped in some cases tremendously.  While other brands have not only been able to keep high quality standards, they’ve actually been able to improve their products, streamline production, and make their companies stronger in the toughest of financial times.  In my advice with my customers, I won’t hesitate to let them know if they are going down the wrong path and that is exactly my intent with this website.

I will also help you with common questions I get everyday, and also questions people are searching for online.  Knowledge is power, and with the information that’s available to you today there is no need to make a poor choice.  I’ll help you with GOOD information that is based on years of experience.

Appliances can save you time, energy, and money.  They can help you enjoy the things you love even more.  But not if you make the wrong choice!  Stop back often as I give you more information to help you make your best choice.

Best regards,


Seattle, WA