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Sub Zero Internal Ice and Water Dispenser Refrigerators: New for 2012!

Sub Zero has announced it will be producing internal ice and water dispenser side by side refrigerators!  The anticipated product launch will be January 2012.  (Keep in mind product launches typically take longer than anticipated, but Sub Zero is usually better than most manufacturers.)  This truly is an industry first as no other premium built in refrigerator manufacturer currently offers an internal ice and water dispenser.  Models available in 42″ and 48″ side by sides in stainless steel and overlay panel applications.

The new refrigerators in the side by side category will be especially appreciated by those who like a clean look on the outside of their appliances, but really like the convenience of chilled water.  Sub Zero refrigerators have offered ice and water external dispenser side by sides in the 42” and 48” models, but some customers have stayed away because they didn’t want the look of an external dispenser – particularly if they were applying custom panels on the fridge.  With the new internal dispenser, they will be able to have the best of both worlds.

Initial pricing appears to be $500 – $700 more than the non-dispenser models.  Check with your local Sub Zero dealer for pricing information later in the year to get a better quote on price.

As in current Sub Zero Pro and BI models, these refrigerators will also have the water filter as standard.  The filter used is anti-microbial and is recommended for 6 months to a year usage.  (Depending on how much water you drink and ice you produce.)

The internal dispenser will be placed on the upper left corner in the refrigerator compartment wedged between the side wall and shelves.  The container that holds the water has about a 50 oz. capacity.

Nothing else about the refrigerator has changed and still offers all the same excellent life cycle expectancy, fresh and frozen foods last longer than the average refrigerator, and the outer dimensions are exactly the same.

If you are anticipating a kitchen remodel or building a custom home due for appliances in the first quarter of 2012 or after and would like a great quality built-in side by side refrigerator with an internal ice and water dispenser, Sub Zero has the refrigerator for you!  I owned a previous model and I highly recommend them.  Sub Zero appliances are great quality built in the USA.

6 Responses to “Sub Zero Internal Ice and Water Dispenser Refrigerators: New for 2012!”

  1. alice margol says:

    When is the earliest you can order new refrigerator with disperser.

  2. David says:

    Hi Alice,

    You can place your order right away, but don’t plan on being able to take delivery until sometime in the first quarter of 2012. Most new product roll outs are not on time, but I would anticipate this one to be close as it is not a new Sub Zero refrigerator altogether, just adding a great new feature!

    If you have more questions, let me know!

    Best regards,


  3. […] Zero refrigerator.  I look online and find mixed reviews.  My question to you is: do you think Sub Zero refrigerators are worth the expense; and aren’t they just like all the other refrigerators except the look?  I […]

    • David says:

      With the more money people spend, the higher the frustration level on things that don’t work properly. While I believe Sub Zero refrigerators are among the best built refrigerators on the market today, they are still built by human hands and can / will eventually fail.

      They aren’t like most other refrigerators because of things like dual refrigeration systems – which gives more longevity to foods in both the refrigerator and freezer. They also last more than 40% longer than a standard refrigerator. Considering the cost to buy a Sub Zero and the savings in not having to throw food out as often, the Sub Zero will still pay for itself over the life of the machine.

  4. Deanne Johnson says:

    I am going to buy a Sub Zero refrigerator in the next three months. Will the internal ice dispenser create an energy issue if the door is always being opened to dispense water? Which 48″ refrigerator is the best to purchase; external ice dispenser, internal ice dispenser or no ice dispenser.

    • David says:

      Hi Deanne,

      Every time the door is open will cost more energy. However, be aware that you are literally only spending between $6 and $8 a MONTH in energy costs for modern refrigerators.

      As far as which is best to purchase – it’s subjective. If you are putting a custom panel on the door, you may want non external dispenser models. If you consume a lot of water and ice, it is very convenient to have access without having to constantly open the door. And as far as cost is concerned, an external dispenser for Sub Zero costs about $1000.00 extra.

      Thanks for visiting!


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